Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cupcake Apps on iPhone

If you want to know how to bake cupcakes, here are the three best apps that can help you make one in the virtual world! 

Crumbs Bakeshop launched an iPhone application a few weeks ago, however they are hardly the original to mix digital batter and put electronic sprinkles. Just like in the real world, cupcakes are as huge a business in the Internet.


Search for the nearest location, purchase a gift certificate which you can redeem anywhere and send through email. 

Sprinkles Cupcakes

Search the nearest location, then follow the Sprinkles mobile and discover which cupcakes from the flavor schedule are being delivered every day. This app also have a cupcake-themed version of its standard memory game.

Cupcake Maker

A cupcake-making app that allows you to create cupcakes from start to finish -- from mixing eggs, water and oil to picking the best toppings. This free app only includes a sample of cupcake making ingredients. Users should purchase content packs within the iPhone app to be able to access all the needed items.

If you're ready to make the real thing, then don't forget to go to and choose the best cupcake boxes for your baking masterpieces.

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