Monday, December 10, 2012

How to Upgrade Your Laptop

In general, it's simple to have minor upgrades on laptops. Here are some of the laptop parts that you can upgrade cheaply and easily:


RAM is perhaps the easiest component to upgrade. It’s cheap, easy to install, and an effective way to boost performance. In most laptops, you simply remove a couple screws to release a panel on the bottom, then slide the RAM into an empty slot and replace the panel.

Hard Drive

The most important part of a hard drive upgrade is making sure your files are either backed up or that you’ll be able to access them after the replacement. A common method of accomplishing this is to copy files to an external hard drive, or to put your old hard drive in an external enclosure.

Optical Drive

Note that optical drives are getting steadily less useful as more and more types of content are distributed online. You may have better luck installing a second hard drive in that optical drive bay, especially if you're looking to add an SSD boot drive to your system. This is made easy with optical drive caddies, available with mounting instructions.
LCD Screen

It is possible to replace your LCD screen, but usually only with an identical model. However, certain higher-end notebooks like the HP Envy and Dell XPS do offer upgraded screens as an option, and it may be possible to find those screens from eBay, Amazon, and the like.

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