Saturday, February 2, 2013

PS3 Successor To Be Launched by Sony in February

Sony will be launching the successor to PS3 on the 20th of February. The company announced this official event telling the fans will be able to "see clearly the PlayStation's future," but it has not revealed what exactly will be unveiled at the said event.

Sony is going to begin selling its newest version of PlayStation at the latter part of the year, and will be competing with the Microsoft, which will possibly launch its new gaming console this 2013.

Sony aims to concentrate more on the aspect of social gaming rather than on the specifications of the gadget. Reportedly, this latest PlayStation will have an optical drive as well as an AMD CPU and graphics processor, substituting the previous models' Cell processor architecture.

The New 'Star Trek' App For Android and iOS

Now, you can enjoy in the all-new Star Trek app for Android and iOS!. This app will play a vital role in the Super Bowl ad of Paramount for the movie Star Trek Into DarknessThis app was intended to serve as a one-stop store for fans of Star Trek. It features a news feed showing off news articles about Star Trek coming from all over the web. Once the movie becomes closer to its release, app users can order tickets for this application in advance from Fandango.

Aside from information, this app offers a series of a variety of "missions" that avid fans can join to be able to access exclusive video clips and photos as well as the chance to win a lot of Star Trek rewards.

One particular mission is watching the trailer of Star Trek Into Darkness. With the app, a user  presses the "listen" button while holding the mobile up against a TV or computer screen. Then, the app will be able to detect the sound waves and will unlock the content for the user to delight in!