Friday, January 18, 2013

SingNShock: The Alarm Clock That Shocks You, Literally!

Do you always press snooze whenever your alarm clock wakes you up in the morning? For sure, that 5 more minutes will turn into 1 hour.  It's just so hard to resist the allure of your beloved bed.

Sankalp Sinha, an Indian designer invented an alarm clock to make certain you get to school or office on time. The singNshock gives out electric shock once you press the button, and sends microvolts that will definitely jump-start your day! The amount of this electricity is just enough to trigger brain functions, but this feature is actually optional, though. 

This gadget is a combination of alarm clock and a music player. singNshock features a touchscreen interface and its sides are LED illuminated. It can also store music of up to 32GB  so you can wake up in the morning to your much-loved song.