Thursday, July 11, 2013

Redoubling efforts elsewhere

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

PS3 Successor To Be Launched by Sony in February

Sony will be launching the successor to PS3 on the 20th of February. The company announced this official event telling the fans will be able to "see clearly the PlayStation's future," but it has not revealed what exactly will be unveiled at the said event.

Sony is going to begin selling its newest version of PlayStation at the latter part of the year, and will be competing with the Microsoft, which will possibly launch its new gaming console this 2013.

Sony aims to concentrate more on the aspect of social gaming rather than on the specifications of the gadget. Reportedly, this latest PlayStation will have an optical drive as well as an AMD CPU and graphics processor, substituting the previous models' Cell processor architecture.

The New 'Star Trek' App For Android and iOS

Now, you can enjoy in the all-new Star Trek app for Android and iOS!. This app will play a vital role in the Super Bowl ad of Paramount for the movie Star Trek Into DarknessThis app was intended to serve as a one-stop store for fans of Star Trek. It features a news feed showing off news articles about Star Trek coming from all over the web. Once the movie becomes closer to its release, app users can order tickets for this application in advance from Fandango.

Aside from information, this app offers a series of a variety of "missions" that avid fans can join to be able to access exclusive video clips and photos as well as the chance to win a lot of Star Trek rewards.

One particular mission is watching the trailer of Star Trek Into Darkness. With the app, a user  presses the "listen" button while holding the mobile up against a TV or computer screen. Then, the app will be able to detect the sound waves and will unlock the content for the user to delight in!

Friday, January 18, 2013

SingNShock: The Alarm Clock That Shocks You, Literally!

Do you always press snooze whenever your alarm clock wakes you up in the morning? For sure, that 5 more minutes will turn into 1 hour.  It's just so hard to resist the allure of your beloved bed.

Sankalp Sinha, an Indian designer invented an alarm clock to make certain you get to school or office on time. The singNshock gives out electric shock once you press the button, and sends microvolts that will definitely jump-start your day! The amount of this electricity is just enough to trigger brain functions, but this feature is actually optional, though. 

This gadget is a combination of alarm clock and a music player. singNshock features a touchscreen interface and its sides are LED illuminated. It can also store music of up to 32GB  so you can wake up in the morning to your much-loved song. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

How to Upgrade Your Laptop

In general, it's simple to have minor upgrades on laptops. Here are some of the laptop parts that you can upgrade cheaply and easily:


RAM is perhaps the easiest component to upgrade. It’s cheap, easy to install, and an effective way to boost performance. In most laptops, you simply remove a couple screws to release a panel on the bottom, then slide the RAM into an empty slot and replace the panel.

Hard Drive

The most important part of a hard drive upgrade is making sure your files are either backed up or that you’ll be able to access them after the replacement. A common method of accomplishing this is to copy files to an external hard drive, or to put your old hard drive in an external enclosure.

Optical Drive

Note that optical drives are getting steadily less useful as more and more types of content are distributed online. You may have better luck installing a second hard drive in that optical drive bay, especially if you're looking to add an SSD boot drive to your system. This is made easy with optical drive caddies, available with mounting instructions.
LCD Screen

It is possible to replace your LCD screen, but usually only with an identical model. However, certain higher-end notebooks like the HP Envy and Dell XPS do offer upgraded screens as an option, and it may be possible to find those screens from eBay, Amazon, and the like.

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Kitchen Storage Cabinets In Motion

Anvil Cabinet and Mill, a custom cabinet firm offers an innovative approach with Anvil Motion, a high-end custom line that has stylish and super-modern automatic features. 

Sliding doors. The cabinet has motion sensors that can detect the waving of your hand and  slides upward to open. Just wave your hand again to close the door. 

Dynamic drawers. Just touch the drawer's front that you need to access and it slides open. If you touch it again, then it will close this time.

Fingerprint security. Integrate biometric locks that can “identify” your fingerprint allowing authorized users to access its contents, like knives, prescriptions, and valuables.

You can see a broad collection of kitchen storage cabinets at, so check them out now and choose the most suitable one!

Cupcake Apps on iPhone

If you want to know how to bake cupcakes, here are the three best apps that can help you make one in the virtual world! 

Crumbs Bakeshop launched an iPhone application a few weeks ago, however they are hardly the original to mix digital batter and put electronic sprinkles. Just like in the real world, cupcakes are as huge a business in the Internet.


Search for the nearest location, purchase a gift certificate which you can redeem anywhere and send through email. 

Sprinkles Cupcakes

Search the nearest location, then follow the Sprinkles mobile and discover which cupcakes from the flavor schedule are being delivered every day. This app also have a cupcake-themed version of its standard memory game.

Cupcake Maker

A cupcake-making app that allows you to create cupcakes from start to finish -- from mixing eggs, water and oil to picking the best toppings. This free app only includes a sample of cupcake making ingredients. Users should purchase content packs within the iPhone app to be able to access all the needed items.

If you're ready to make the real thing, then don't forget to go to and choose the best cupcake boxes for your baking masterpieces.