Thursday, November 15, 2012

Google Launches A New Multi-Player Game, Ingress

Niantic Labs, the smartphone app team of Google has launched Ingress, a multi-player gaming platform that transforms your real location into a virtual world.

The application is based on the premise that European scientists discovered a strange energy and it should be controlled before it can control you.

But Ingress isn’t a game you play while you're sitting on the couch. You are required to make actual movement and go outside to be able to unlock new adventures, weapons and features. For instance, to capture things named as “portals” — which emit matter from creative locations like libraries and museums — you need to go there. After connecting 3 portals, you can form one region and claim one territory.

So if you're in Times Square, the built-in scatter map technology of this app is aware where you are and puts a virtual layer to it. It gets you to real landmarks and statues in order to continue your game. Also, this platform works in rural areas!

Ingress can be downloaded for free on Android through Google Play

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