Monday, October 1, 2012

Digital Photography: 3 Smart Techniques to Make the Best Images

If you have a digital camera, then you might think you don't need to be concerned about the quality of your photos because your gadget will do everything for you. All you have to do is to push the right button and amazing photos will instantly appear. You may even think that the more expensive the camera you have, the better your photos will be. Unfortunately, you're wrong.

In fact, it's not impossible to take trashy shots with your costliest DSLR and produce stunning photos even just by using a simple point-and-shoot camera. Keep in mind that beautiful images are not created by the camera but the photographer. With your passion in photography and patience to make adjustments coupled with the important tips below, you can take great shots out of the cheapest digicam.

1. Makes your tones warm. 

Digicams's default for the white balance setting is auto.  While this is okay for many snapshots,  it tends to look a little "cool." If you're taking outdoor photos and landscapes, then you can change your setting for the white balance to 'cloudy'. Doing this put a mild warming filter on your digital camera. It heightens the yellows and reds which result in warmer and richer images. 

2. Use a polarizing filter. 

You need to have a polarizing filter to add impact to your photos. It is a must for a photographer to have a polarizer especially if he is taking images of landscapes and outdoor photos, in general. By lessening glare and unsirable reflections, polarized photos are more saturated resulting to richer colors, particularly in the sky.

If your digicam cannot accommodate filters, you can use your sunglasses as a polarizing filter. Put your glasses close to the lens as near as possible. Make sure the rims are not included in the shot. To achieve a great effect, make sure the sun is just over your left or right shoulder. Remember that your light source must be at a 90-degree angle from your subject so the effect of your polarizer will be the strongest. 

3. Outdoor Portraits That Shine

A digital camera has one hidden feature that is very much beneficial for anyone who wants to take great images -- the flash on mode or the fill flash. Controlling the flash is an essential step in taking high qaulity outdoor pictures.

With a flash on mode, your digital camera exposes first for your background, then adds enough flash to brighten the subject. It will result to a photo that looks so professional because all the elements look good. This technique is often used by wedding photographers. 

The majority of digital cameras, inclusing the point-and-shoot versions, offer remarkable  functionality. You just need to apply some creativity and ingenuity, you can take photos like a pro without the need to break the bank!

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