Thursday, October 18, 2012

4 Best Tips to Save Time for Businesses on Tumblr

Most small businesses know the benefits that come with having a blog. Today, what they’re looking for is the easiest option that won’t require too much time and effort. The millions of users on Tumblr make the platform pretty appealing for small business. It’s also user-friendly and straightforward when it comes to navigating.

But you have a business to run, so you don’t have time to hang out on Tumblr all day. So, here are plenty of time-saving tips that will make it seem like you’re Tumbling 24/7.

1. Plan Ahead

The queue is your best friend. This feature lets you schedule posts over a period of hours or days. It’s a simple way to stay active while not actually spending all of your time on Tumblr. It’s also a great way to maintain consistency. Rather than coming back to Tumblr multiple times in a day, you can set aside a small amount of time to prepare content for the next day, or even week.

2. Reblog Relevant Content

One of the best ways to get the most out of Tumblr is to engage with other blogs that are valuable to you. Reblogging makes your Tumblr page a destination for great content with little work on your end. What sort of users would provide relevant content to curate? Tumblr has a number of great discovery features — like Spotlight and the tagging system — that will point you to the best pages to follow.

3. Use the Bookmarklet

Tumblr’s bookmarklet is a great resource for quick posts. Rather than opening a new window every time you find something interesting while browsing the web, there’s a button that will upload content to your blog in seconds.

4. Sync Up

It’s generally not wise to rely solely on Tumblr (or any one social platform for that matter) for your small business. Consider Tumblr a place to show character and gain brand awareness, rather than utilizing it as your company website.

Since your small business likely already has other social platforms, you can fix your blog settings to automatically post to Twitter and Facebook each time you post something on Tumblr. That way, you don’t waste time personally posting to each platform.

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